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Islamic Trivia

Islamic Trivia

Dive into the world of knowledge with the Islamic Trivia project—an engaging quiz that tests your understanding of Islam through 50 thoughtfully crafted questions. Tailoring individual results with detailed descriptions, this quiz offers a unique insight into each participant's knowledge of Islamic teachings.

Project Overview

Embark on a journey of learning and self-discovery with Islamic Trivia. The project features:

  • Engaging Quiz: Immerse yourself in an interactive quiz experience with 50 questions covering various aspects of Islam.
  • Tailored Results: Receive personalized results with descriptive insights based on your performance in the quiz.

Key Features

  • Vanilla JavaScript: Leveraging Vanilla JavaScript for dynamic and responsive quiz functionality.
  • JSON: Utilizing JSON for efficient storage and retrieval of quiz questions and data.
  • Tailwind CSS: Ensuring a visually appealing and consistent design with the utility-first CSS framework.

Demo and Exploration

Put your knowledge to the test by participating in the Islamic Trivia quiz. Explore the demo to experience the engaging questions and receive personalized results.

If the answer is correct:

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If the answer is false:

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Demo: Islamic Trivia Demo

Source Code

Interested in the mechanics behind the quiz? Delve into the source code available on GitHub.

Source Code: Islamic Trivia GitHub Repository

Embark on this educational journey, test your knowledge, and gain valuable insights into the diverse facets of Islam.

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