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Remind Me | ذكرني Extension

Remind Me | ذكرني Extension

Elevate your spiritual journey with Remind Me, a thoughtful Chrome and Firefox extension designed to infuse your day with moments of reflection and connection to Allah. Tailor your reminders with verses, Azkar for morning and evening, or soothing Quranic recitations. The extension is meticulously crafted by Hoceine El Idrissi, a passionate full-stack web developer from Morocco.

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Project Overview

Remind Me serves as your spiritual companion, sending customizable notifications at intervals of your choice. Stay connected with Allah throughout your day. Whether you prefer verses, Azkar, or Quranic recitations, Remind Me offers a diverse range of customizable options to cater to your spiritual preferences.

Key Features

This extension offers a variety of features to enhance your spiritual journey:

  • Customizable Notifications: Receive notifications delivering verses, Azkar, or Quranic recitations tailored to your preferences.
    Customizable Notifications - Remind Me Extension by Hoceine El Idrissi
  • Spiritual Variety: Choose from a selection of Adkar types, ensuring a personalized and meaningful reminder experience.
    Spiritual Variety - Remind Me Extension by Hoceine El Idrissi
  • New Tab Experience: Transform your new tab into a portal of spiritual inspiration with a random Quranic verse, ready to play or explore with a click.
    New Tab Experience - Remind Me Extension by Hoceine El Idrissi

Published on Chrome and Firefox

Exciting news! Remind Me is now available on both Chrome and Firefox. Feel free to download the extension from the following stores and enhance your browsing experience with spiritual reminders:

Download Here:

Connect with Hoceine

If you're inspired to develop your own extension or have questions about Remind Me, feel free to reach out! Hoceine El Idrissi welcomes discussions about web development, spirituality, and everything in between. Contact him at

Source Code: GitHub Repository

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